Benefit Rules

AscensionParish.com will happily announce your benefit free of charge. The benefit must be held in Ascension Parish or benefit a citizen of Ascension Parish. The benefit must be non-profit. Commercial sponsors of a non-profit benefit can be included in the announcement.

All materials must be sent electronically. It is the responsibility of the sender to declare that all information is either non-copyright or the sender has permission -- and extends permission to AscensionParish.com -- to use the materials. All information submitted may be publicly displayed. If there is information you do not want included in the announcement, please be specific about that information.

It is the responsibility of the sender to make sure all information is accurate. AscensionParish.com and Lyons Computer Consulting, Inc. is NOT responsible for errors or omissions. If an error is discovered -- or a modification needed -- the sender will submit the amended information to AscensionParish.com for inclusion.

Material that is deemed inappropriate will not be included and may cause AscensionParish.com to refuse to announce the benefit.

AscensionParish.com reserves the right to refuse to announce any benefit.

We will do our best to help you through the process. However, we strongly recommend that you give us as much lead time as possible to help ensure that the announcement has time to help the benefit.

What to Include?

Location: Where is the benefit being held?
Date & time: When is the benefit taking place?
Who is the benefit for: Who is the benefit being held for? Any additional information may increase the response to the benefit.
Maps & Photos: A map and photos can help make your benefit more successful.
Any Additional Info: Any other information you think might be helpful to explain the benefit or that you feel appropriate.

Where to send the information?

Please send your information to: